- Monday, 22 January, 2018

Using smart phones and tablets – cervical spine and wrist complaints

We spend on average 2-4 hours a day with mobiles; today we manage almost everything with smart phones while our necks are in an unnatural position. This may even mean 1460 hours a year. American students were asked whether they know what causes the frequent cervical spine and wrist complaints. It turned out from the answers that they did not even think that the cause of the complaints is mostly the wrong body position connected to excessive mobile phone and tablet use.

Dr. Tibor Mintál, the University of Pécs Clinical Centre’s orthopaedic surgeon specialist, sports medicine doctor said: mobile devices allow more motion than desktop computers, however, we do not recognise the fact that we remain in the same position for a long time, under compulsion. This then leads to the problems.

At home we often use the devices in bed while supporting our bodies with our elbows, keeping the shoulders and the neck rigidly, or in supine position, holding the machine above us. Neither body positions are comfortable – highlights the specialist. If the use of these devices is essential, we should at least pay attention to taking breaks, change body positions and we should do some simple stretching exercises from time to time. Massage and relaxation are also good. It is much easier to prevent the problem than to treat it – advises Dr. Tibor Mintál.

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