- Friday, 23 July, 2021

The University of Pécs accepted 5432 new students in the general admission period

The University of Pécs closed the general admission period with excellent results: they were able to accept 12% more students than last year.

The number of applications to UP was a sign that the admission rates were going to grow, but the growth of almost six hundred more students (583 to be exact) surpassed all expectations. The intense admission campaign of the UP most definitely came to fruition – in part due to the Rector’s Scholarship.

59% of freshmen were admitted to one of the bachelor’s courses, there are 16% at one-tier and master’s courses each. 10% will study at higher education vocational courses. The government scholarship places are still incredibly popular, almost 84% of freshmen were admitted to government-financed places. Full-time courses are still preferred, almost 69% of freshmen will start their studies in this system.

Numbers of UP applicants and freshmen in the 2020-2021 general admission period


All applicants

Compared to last year

First place applicants

Compared to last year


Compared to last year


11 716


5 719


4 849



13 809


6 484


5 432


The most popular courses include nursing and patient care bachelor’s courses, law and general medical courses, the psychology bachelor’s course, but many applicants were interested in the one-tier teacher trainings, economics and management, IT engineering and dentistry courses. For master’s courses, the most popular were architecture, healthcare management, structural and civil engineering, psychology, planning and management and physiotherapy.

Almost all faculties at UP raised their admission quotas this year: 46% for the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development, 25% for the Faculty of Law, 18% for the Faculty of Business and Economics and 16% for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

The number of new international students and the applicants from the supplementary admission period will further increase the achievements of the general admission period. Taking all of these numbers into account, over 7.000 new students will begin their studies at Hungary’s first university this year.

The UP is offering a wide variety of courses for those who did not get admitted this time. The supplementary admission period will last until August 9, 2021 online, on the platform. It is important to note that applicants admitted in the supplementary admission period can also apply for the 100.000 HUF Rector’s Scholarship.

Detailed information about scholarships and dormitory placements can be found here:

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