- Friday, 18 June, 2021

The international programme of the UP "Pécs Summer School" is five years old

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Pécs Summer School programme of the University of Pécs, which has so far been attended by more than a thousand students and teachers from seventy countries in four continents.

The series of events was launched in 2016 by the legal predecessor of the UP International Centre, the Directorate of Foreign Affairs. The goal set in the university’s internationalization programme was to create a so-called “Summer Trimester,” that is, to fill the summer with high-quality university programmes in various thematic areas between the two semesters. The academic programmes are provided by the faculties, while the summer programmes are fully organised by the UP International Centre.

Director István Tarrósy said in connection with the programmes: “The set goal was fully achieved, and it has been proven that there is a growing demand from the students for the programmes. Thanks to the growing number of summer university programmes, UP has become the market leader among Hungarian higher education institutions in this field as well.

Our further goal is to increase the summer university training areas, to organise the French, South Korean, Thai and American summer programmes that had been cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic, and to fill the city of Pécs with foreign student groups again.”

Over the past five years, UP has organized 30 summer universities, which ran for a total of 350 days. The total number of participating students is 800, who came from 70 countries in four continents, while the number of teachers participating in the training exceeds two hundred. In addition to UP teachers, foreign guest lecturers also participated in the summer university programmes. UP students play an important role in organizing leisure programmes - sightseeing, museum visits, concerts, intercultural evenings, excursions, sports competitions -, the International Centre has employed a total of 80 mentor students during the five years.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the “Pécs Summer School” programmes were implemented online in the summer of 2020 and several new online community programmes were included by the organizers. Among them, online sightseeing, museum visits, and the online goulash soup cooking were very successful.

Encouraged by the success of the “Pécs Summer School”, in 2020 UP has launched the “Pécs Winter School” programme as well.

Most of the Summer University programmes will be organized online this year as a precaution. The success of online summer universities is proven by the fact that the number of students applying for the programmes has multiplied this year.


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