- Friday, 19 March, 2021

The popularity of UP has increased significantly, more students have applied to our School too this year

The number of applicants to the University of Pécs has increased by 18%, even higher than the national average, which indicates that confidence in Hungary's first university has further strengthened.

In the general admission procedure in 2021, more than ten thousand more people applied for higher education programmes nationwide, which means an increase of about 11% compared to last year's figures. The number of applicants to the University of Pécs was even more favourable than the national changes: the number of 13,809 applicants means that the number of applicants increased by almost 2,100 (18%), the number of first-place applicants also increased by about 500 (8%), and the number of applicants for state scholarship increased by more than 1,600 (15 percent).

The number of faculty applications also increased in almost all cases: the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development by 47, the Faculty of Law by 27, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences by 25, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology by 20, the Faculties of Health Sciences and Business and Economics by 16 percent each, the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts by 15, the Faculty of Sciences by 9, and the Medical School by 2 percent this year compared to last year's admission procedure.

Dr. Attila Miseta, rector of the University of Pécs said in connection with the fresh data: “The development of the quality and popularity of our courses can be objectively measured, among other things, from the application numbers. Based on this, we can say that we have managed to increase the confidence in UP, but at the same time we are not content with this. We would like to further increase the 8% growth in the number of first-place applicants, and to this end, our university is launching a strong enrolment campaign until the deadline of changing the application order of preference.”

About seven thousand students begin their studies at the University of Pécs every year, of whom almost five thousand students are admitted through the general admission procedure. Given the application numbers, this year there is a good chance that this number will rise by hundreds. Admission score limits, including the exact number of admitted students, will also be revealed after mid-July.

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