- Thursday, 11 February, 2021

The UP International Centre is organizing winter universities this year as well

A two-day training entitled “Designing Personal Career Launch Strategy” will take place in February, led by a renowned international trainer. This provides the Hungarian and foreign students of UP with useful knowledge about effective job search and placement in the labour market. In March, a two-week online programme entitled “The Cultural Heritage of Europe” will be held for Japanese students. During the course, students will get an idea of ​​the current situation, role, and challenges of Europe from many disciplines (political science, history, economics, cultural science).

After the lessons, students can participate in exciting, interactive community programmes with the involvement of Hungarian mentor students.

There is a growing demand for winter universities in the international higher education market, which is why the Pécs Winter School programme was launched by the International Centre in 2020, using the experience of the highly successful Pécs Summer School Programme.

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