Information on PCR-tests for 1st and 2nd year General Medicine students
2020. September. 8, Tuesday
Dean’s Message - 6 September
2020. September. 6, Sunday
Dean’s Message - the order of entering the premises of the university and the hygienic rules
2020. September. 4, Friday
There has been an increase in the number of virus and epidemic deniers as well as vaccine opponents
2020. August. 31, Monday
To all foreigners arriving to Hungary after the 1st September!
2020. August. 29, Saturday
Entering Hungary - Rector letter to students - New Updates
2020. August. 17, Monday
Key information and deadlines for the exam period in August
2020. July. 24, Friday
Outstanding scientific publications of the Center for Translational Medicine on COVID-19
2020. July. 21, Tuesday
The Clinical Center received state-of-the-art equipment
2020. July. 17, Friday
Researchers from Pécs and Austria have identified a potential active substance for the treatment of the coronavirus
2020. July. 9, Thursday
Joint Austrian-Hungarian vaccine development begins
2020. June. 4, Thursday
National Virology Laboratory under Pécs leadership
2020. June. 2, Tuesday
The emergency patient reception unit of the Coronavirus Care Center is moving
2020. May. 29, Friday
The Pécs virology laboratory on the front and the pages of National Geographic
2020. May. 29, Friday
"The coronavirus situation has generated a much greater cohesion between us"
2020. May. 19, Tuesday
Rector’s Order 5/2020 on the most important provisions ruling the order of students visiting University permises
2020. May. 7, Thursday
The programs of the Pécs University Days (PEN) are cancelled this year
2020. April. 28, Tuesday
"The whole School works like a big family"
2020. April. 27, Monday
Scholarship of the UP University Student Council for students participating in the volunteer program
2020. April. 24, Friday
Plasma treatment as investigational therapy
2020. April. 20, Monday
260 potential active substances are being tested at the UP Virological Laboratory
2020. April. 15, Wednesday
"What I believe in is standing our ground without complaint and demand"
2020. April. 9, Thursday
UP International Spring "Stay Home!" - online program series
2020. April. 9, Thursday
Medical protective equipment from China have also arrived in the Pécs clinics
2020. April. 8, Wednesday
The vaccine against the coronavirus may be developed within a year
2020. April. 1, Wednesday
Recommendations under the emergency
2020. March. 27, Friday
7 habits of highly hygienic people
2020. March. 27, Friday
The Coronavirus Research Task Force in Pécs begins the testing of potentially antiviral active substances
2020. March. 23, Monday
Our international students are important to us, we support them all the way!
2020. March. 23, Monday
Useful handbook from Chinese doctors
2020. March. 22, Sunday
The Virological Research Group in Pécs was the first in Hungary to determine the complete genetic code of the coronavirus
2020. March. 22, Sunday
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19): advice sheet for home isolation
2020. March. 21, Saturday
Coronavirus Care Center in the former County Hospital building
2020. March. 18, Wednesday
Coronavirus info
2020. March. 17, Tuesday
UP’s online student services
2020. March. 17, Tuesday
Pharmaceutical research for the treatment of coronavirus patients
2020. March. 16, Monday
Professor Ferenc Jakab has become the leader of the coronavirus research team
2020. March. 15, Sunday
Moving of the Department of Ophthalmology due to the epidemiological situation
2020. March. 15, Sunday
Information on the resolutions of today's meeting of the UP Operative Crew
2020. March. 12, Thursday
Emergency measures
2020. March. 12, Thursday
The Knowledge Center is closed
2020. March. 12, Thursday
Educational break - March 12, 13 and 14
2020. March. 11, Wednesday
International Spring programs are also postponed
2020. March. 11, Wednesday
Epidemiological changes related to clinical education
2020. March. 11, Wednesday
Restriction of international travels and attendance at mass events
2020. March. 11, Wednesday
Information for students on the epidemiological situation related to the spread of the coronavirus
2020. March. 10, Tuesday
National visiting ban
2020. March. 10, Tuesday
Coronavirus- frequently asked questions and answers
2020. March. 5, Thursday
UP postpones the International Evening
2020. March. 4, Wednesday
Coronavirus: the first effective cure has been found
2020. February. 20, Thursday
Hungarian higher education is prepared for the tasks related to the coronavirus
2020. February. 3, Monday
UP press release on coronavirus measures
2020. January. 31, Friday
The UP’s statement on the coronavirus
2020. January. 29, Wednesday

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