Offical news of the Medical School - Wednesday, 10 October, 2012

Bank holidays and days off, make up work days

The autumn semester is rich in long weekends, however some days off need to be made up on some Saturdays.

22 October, Monday: day off
23 October, Tuesday: bank holiday
27 October, Saturday: work day (instead of 22 Oct)

1 November, Thursday: bank holiday
2 November, Friday: day off
10 November, Saturday: work day (instead of 2 November)

1 December, Saturday: work day (instead of 31 December)
15 December, Saturday: work day (instead of 24 December)
24 December, Monday: day off
25 December, Tuesday: bank holiday
26 December, Wednesday: bank holiday
31 December, Monday: day off
1 January, Tuesday: bank holiday


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