Coronavirus information - Sunday, 15 March, 2020

Moving of the Department of Ophthalmology due to the epidemiological situation

The Clinical Center, in close cooperation with the competent ministry and specialized authorities, is prepared to manage the epidemiological situation effectively. As part of this, the reorganization of patient care has begun.

The Department of Ophthalmology will temporarily move from the County Hospital, Rákóczi street site to Akác street 1, Building 3, from 16  March. From the same day, ophthalmic patient care is limited to emergency care. The department performs surgical interventions only in cases of emergency as well.

Previous appointments given for outpatient specialist practices are going to be rescheduled to a later date. The colleagues of the Department of Ophthalmology are going to call the patients to arrange a new appointment.

It is not possible to request a new appointment for ophthalmic specialist practices and in urgent cases, you can visit the ophthalmic ER in Akác street.

Patients can be informed of any changes in the patient care on the website of the University of Pécs Clinical Center ( where up-to-date information is available.



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