Other news - Monday, 9 March, 2020

Artificial intelligence helps stroke patients

The cooperation of the University of Pécs, the Pécs Diagnostic Center and the hospitals of the region make stroke care in the South Transdanubia region faster, more efficient and more effective for patients.

In the cooperation taken up by the Pécs Diagnostic Center in the fall of 2019, the CT scan of suspected stroke patients being admitted to the emergency departments of hospitals in the region is evaluated by a British-developed artificial intelligence solution in a few seconds and helps ensure that the suspected stroke patient receives the most appropriate treatment for his or her condition.

Images transmitted through teleradiology and assessment results are available to the neuro-radiologist who decides on the treatment. The CT examinations performed in the hospitals of the region are evaluated according to uniform principles by highly experienced professionals, the colleagues of the UP Department of Neurosurgery.

"The real benefit of this solution is that it is much faster and more accurate than previous diagnostic methods to determine which therapy is most beneficial to the patient," said Professor András Büki, Director of the UP Department of Neurosurgery.

Emergency departments from South Transdanubia and the surrounding counties send stroke patients to the University of Pécs.


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