Other news - Tuesday, 4 February, 2020

Versatility Project - coloured portraits

Dear Students,

In the autumn months we were working on the Versatility Project showcasing the multicultural diversity of the University Pécs.

We do believe in the power of black and white portraits. We are done with the first round of photo shoots of the black and white photos, the selected portraits will be exhibited in the Medical School in April 2020.

In the meantime, we have decided to continue the job and we are reaching out to those who would like to have a photo shoot of coloured portraits. Attached please find Tania’s portrait, she was the one inspiring us.

The photographer of the project, Lajos Kalmár has chosen some paintings, pictures that would serve as background of the portraits to which you could dress up, choosing colours that are characteristic for you, your culture and also match the background.

The location of these paintings and pictures determine the venue of the next round of our photo shoots: these are the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts and the International Studies Centre.

Based on the registrations we will let you know of the timing of the photo shoots,

The contact person is Aniko Berta at


Thank you!

Kind regards,

Versatility Team

Tania’s portrait


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